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From USD 75

The Coffee - Orange Scrub $75
Our own special mixture of organic coffee, organic sugar, essential
orange oil and vitamin E, calms states of stress, anxiety and frustration. Its
soft and sweet scent disperses bad moods and irritability. Discover the
benefits of this essence, known in the ancient civilizations of India and
China as the essence of happiness and positivism.

The Coco - Lemon Scrub $80
Wrap yourself in the pungent aroma of lemon and feel its refreshing
power that helps clarify and focus the mind. 


The Organic Essential Oil of Lemon (Citrus limonum) is known for being an
excellent antiseptic that cleanses and detoxifies the skin while helping
remove stains.

Mango Sugar Scrub $75
Mango, Honey and raw sugar are used to coat and renew the skin to a
radiant glow. A natural almond oil completes this revitalizing exfoliation
and full body treatment. A sweet and exotic treatment that will make
your vacations more enjoyable and hard to forget! 

From USD 75

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  • Bi-Lingual
  • Trained Professionals
  • Organic Materials


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