Tropical Body Wraps

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Tropical Papaya Body Wrap $80

Papaya has a natural exfoliation effect. The enzyme papain restores and
hydrates damaged skin cells. Your body will be wrapped, which allows
the papain to absorb completely into your skin. Take advantage of all
the benefits that a delicious tropical fruit like papaya provides to your
skin, with vitamin A and C, and moreover it´s a great antioxidant.

Cloud Forest Organic Chocolate Wrap $90

Do not miss the chance to try the beneficial properties of organic cocoa
from our lands. Rich in antioxidants with its many benefits, while also enhancing circulation, it is an ally against aging skin and reduces the signs of stress and fatigue, moisturizing and firmimg up the skin, reducing cellulite, eliminating toxins.


Aloe Vera Body Wrap and Facial Mask $85

The freshly picked aloe vera leaf is used as the perfect after sun treatment because it hydrates and refreshes the skin, especially for sensitive or sun burned skin.

Rain Forest Detox & Renewal Arenal Mud with Coconut Oil $90

This treatment will help moisturize and revitalize your skin immediately

Volcanic Grey Mud Wrap / exfoliating and regenerating:

Its high content of silicon and copper reduces wrinkles and helps improve
skin elasticity, assisting the regeneration of collagen fibers.

Volcanic Red Mud Wrap/Brightening and Regenerating:

Its main mineral is iron, which makes it a powerful cell regenerator and lightener. Its minerals help degrade the melanin and hemoglobin molecules, effectively reducing all types of stains, scars and stretch marks.

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