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Snorkeling Equipment Rental

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Along the Guanacaste coast, there are numerous beaches that bathe the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean - known as The Gold Coast for it’s over 400 miles of amazing coastline. The landscape of the coast is exceptional. There are extensive beaches of white, gray, brown and even black sand, next to a calm sea tinged with intense blue. We invite you to practice snorkeling under your own time and tastes. We provide the best snorkeling equipment in the area.


The volcanic lava reefs in the area are filled with a multitude of reef fish and sea urchins, starfish and anemones. you might see turtles, rays and/or puffer fish.Experience some of the best snorkeling areas in Costa Rica and get out of the resort for some fun activities. You didn't come to Costa Rica to spend the whole time inside did you?

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We partner with the best local providers to ensure you have the most amazing experience possible. We are the go to option for all of your online tour concierge needs in Guanacaste! No need to pay in full when booking, just a small deposit to confirm your reservation. Full payment accepted the day of the tour upon arrival and you have confirmed your activities. 24 hour advance needed to confirm booking - contact us via email.

  • Daily rental
  • All snorkel gear included
  • Kids snorkel available
  • Self guided adventure


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