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Ostional Turtle Nesting Experience

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Seeing Green Olive Ridley turtles nesting or watching their eggs hatching in their natural environment is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that you simply cannot miss. Follow our knowledgable guides around Playa Ostional where you can watch hundreds and thousands of turtles come ashore to lay their eggs. The number of turtles you can see can be simply breathtaking but please don't disturb them. As they come out of the pacific ocean and make their way up the beach to their nesting areas they can get very tired and it is also important not to help the baby turtles reach the ocean once they have hatched. On this tour sit back and relax and enjoy the view of the annual turtle migration

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We provide transportation pick up from various location in Guanacaste. Your guide will meet you at your hotel or house and it is about a 1-1.5 hour drive to Playa Ostional. Once there your guide will show you the annual turtle migration at areas around Playa Ostional giving you plenty of time for pictures and observation before heading back to your residence. Total tour time approx. 5-6 Hours. There are five viewing days a month during turtle nesting season please contact us to find out the optimal date for your activity.



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  1. Playa Flamingo
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