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Arenal Paradise Hot Springs Day Trip

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From USD 139

Enjoy an all day trip to Arenal volcano where you can spend the day relaxing in the famous hot springs that are naturally heated by the Arenal volcano. At Paradise hot springs, the water is telluric, which means it’s young water, rain water that has filtered through the earth and circulated through different depths gathering minerals and gaining temperature as it makes contact with the hot minerals underneatht he earth's crust.

Paradise's water contains all of the original minerals of the hot spring that bubbled up from the ground, around twelve different ones in fact. According to a study performed by Gala Termal, a spanish consultant for thermal water centers, Paradise's water is described as: Hyperthermal water of mild mineralization with sodium chloride, magnesium and sulfates. Multiple water jets will massage you and ensure a day filled with peace and relaxation.

Enjoy lunch, waterslides, long relaxing soaks in our hot springs and even a little stop for some souvenir shopping in La Fortuna before our ride back to your accomodation.

From USD 139

Book Now! Inquire Booking

We will pick you up from where you are staying take you to the hot springs where you will be able to spend the day relaxing and enjoying Paradise hot springs. Your driver and guide will be waiting to take you back to your accomodation and will make a stop at La Fortuna for some souvenir shopping.


  • Transportation 
  • Guided Tour
  • Licensed and Insured
  • Lunch Included
  • Hydro-Massage
  • Pool Bars
  • Water Slides 
  • All day tour


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