Diamante Zip-Line Aerial Pass

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From USD 78

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The Diamante zip-line course is Costa Rica's best and only ocean view dual zip-line. The dual lines allow you to share this experience with your family and friends, riding and sharing side-by-side. The course is considered best in class and known for its soaring lines that deliver guests extremely long ride times. This ACCT certified course includes a Superman line, a free fall "Quick Jump" and Tarzan swing, all with amazing views. The team of trained guides and state-of-the-art equipment enhances the entire experience.

Superman: 1,360 meters, nearly 1 mile long with an ocean view

Quick Jump: Free fall down a 30-foot tower, similar to a bungee jump

Hanging Bridge: Zip-Line directly onto a hanging bridge over crocodiles

From USD 78

+3 Additional options

Book Now! Inquire Booking

The Colectivo (carpool service) has the following schedules and pickup locations for $20 or $30 per person:

- Half Day AM/ Discovery Pass, Aerial Pass, ATV’s/Horses/NO MIN PAX ($20 per person):

                 8:30 am, Secrets

                 8:35 am, Mangroove

                 8:40 am, Occidental Grand Papagayo

                 8:50 am, Villas Sol / Condovac

                 9:00 am, Meeting Point-Hermosa Heights

                 9:05 am, Coco Beach Hotel

                 9:10 am, Pacifico Village Shops/Hard Rock Café Round About

                 Return: 12pm

- Westin Area /NO MIN PAX/every day ($30 per person):

                 8:00 am, Sailing Center

                 8:15 am, Flamingo Beach Resort & Spa

                 8:30 am, Westin (Conchal)

                 8:45 am, Huacas-Conexion

                 **Return: 3:30 pm.**

- Tamarindo Area /NO MIN PAX/every day ($30 per person):

                8:00 am, Occidental Langosta (Capitan Suizo - Esplendor - Jardin del Eden).

                8:10 am, ABC – Meeting Point.

                8:15 am, Hotel Tamarindo DIria.

                8:40 am, Hotel 6 Playas (aka Best Western Tamarindo).

                8:45 am, Huacas-Conexion

                **Return: 3:30 pm**

- Four Seasons & Andaz/Minimun 3 pax ($30 per person):

               Full Day/ Adventure Pass

               Pick up :8:30am

               Return:  3:00pm*

We will either pick you up* or you can meet us at the office. The tour will start from our location and you explore for three hours and end the tour at the office. Once back at the office, if you used our transport, we will take you back to where you are staying.


*In order to bring you the lowest possible price we do not include transportation in the cost. We do provide transportation for an additional fee. Please contact us to get the quickest most affordable price for the location you are staying in.


  • 4 Lines
  • Safe & ACCT Approved
  • State of the Art Self Braking Systems
  • Hanging Bridge
  • Superman: 1, 360 meters / 4,461 feet - almost 1 mile long and ocean view.
  • Quick Jump: Free fall down a 30-foot tower like a bungee jump
  • Bilingual & Certified Guides
  • Transportation Available


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