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Rio Perdido Eco-challenge

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Nature is incredible around the world in so many different ways to expose the power of the mother earth on lands, water and air. Costa Rica is a young country and contain a lot of natural minerals and energy coming through Centro America from the Pacific Ring of Fire, Costa Rica has many years working hard using the volcano's energy to produce electricity.

Rio Perdido is located at the base of Miravalles Volcano, the first volcano in Costa Rica used to build a geothermal plant and produce electricity for the town, Rio Perdido it's a hit sustainability Destinys of Guanacaste. They work to build out all the infrastructure as accomodation, roads and the activities in developing according to the ecosystem and geography of the place.

The  adventure of this challenge starts, driving through the driest Guanacaste lowlands, later the off road to get the place between on gorgeous landscapes of the Rio Perdido Canyon and mountains; once you get the place the tubing on the river will refresh your expedition; you will fly by carbon fiber zip line quietly, on silence hearing the wildlife and the river over the canyon of Rio Perdido.

The lands of these places offer you an excellent bike park, until 20 km of trail specialized for mountain bike use in all the levels, throughout the dry lands at the Miravalles volcano; the natural warm river coming from the warm stones of the volcano provides a wonderful experience on a natural wilderness, a complete natural warm river to feel the energy of the nature. Also the hot springs pool area is a very nice place to take a jump, sunshine with a cocktail and enjoy the life.

The restaurant of Rio Perdido is one of the highlights of the place, the infrastructure, the view, surroundings, customer service and special the food it's something that you can't miss on this trip. 

From USD 149

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  • English bilingual guide
  • Private transportation round trip
  • Flora and Fauna
  • Costa Rican lunch
  • Wildlife
  • Natural ecosystems
  • Volcanos viewing
  • Flora and fauna
  • Hot springs
  • Zip line
  • Tubing


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