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Beginner Surf Lessons

Imagine the thrill of surfing the beaches made famous by the "Endless Summer" movies. This activity is suitable for all ages and athletic types. Our instructors will not only teach you how to surf; they'll also guarantee you will be surfing by the end of their lesson or your tour is free! Once you catch the bug, there will be no going back and you will be riding the waves in no time at all.

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Catalinas Islands Snorkel Expedition

Some of the best snorkeling in Costa Rica is located right off of our beautiful coastline here in Guanacaste. Divers from all over the world come to Guanacaste, Costa Rica to SCUBA dive and you can catch a ride with them out to the world famous Catalinas Islands. The 20 islands that make up the Catalinas Islands chain are bathed in pristine water. The islands, as well as the waters that surround them, are home to an abundant array of marine animals, birds, and land animals. Once you understand the myriad marine species that call these waters home, you will see exactly why divers from around the planet make it a point to put the Catalinas Islands on their list of must-see sites.

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Congo Canopy Zip-Line Tour

One of the most popular activities to do when visiting Guanacaste Costa Rica is zip-lining through the canopy of giant Guanacaste trees. At the Congo Trail Canopy Tour you will experience authentic Costa Rica and explore natural forests that have existed for hundreds of years nestled in this quite enclave of Central America. The Original Canopy tour combines 100's of meters of zip-lines and platforms with hanging bridges for a truly unique adventure. Our profesional zip line guides will fit you for your harness, helmet and other safety equipment. Then you will listen to an important safety speech detailing the do's and don'ts of zip-lining and then you are ready to fly through the canopy.  Feel the thrill as you finally get hooked up to your first zip-line and are set free to zip down 100's of meters of cable suspended between giant Guanacaste trees. Keep on the lookout for families of monkeys foraging in the canopy for mangoes, bananas and other types of food. Between each zip-line there are platforms that will lead you to the next step until you finally reach the end of the canopy tour. There are 14 platforms, 11 cables and 3 hanging bridges with a distance of 400 mts, one of 200 mts, one of 150 mts, two of 100 mts, three of 80 mts and three of 50 mts. Platform height: up to 30 mts. Extreme Canopy Tour, Guanacaste, Costa Rica. The Extreme Canopy Tour is our newest and most extreme canopy tour. First try out the extra long zip lines, some over 450 meters in length and feel the freedom as you glide through the forest canopy...three different times. Then experience the rush of rappelling from 22 meters up in the canopy and get ready for the ride of your life. The Congo Trail Extreme Tarzan Swing is known as one of the most exilhirating rides in Guanacaste. Once you reach your 20+ meter platform you are harnessed in for a heart pounding adrenaline filled Tarzan Swing drop that will make you wish you hadn't eaten that egg burrito for breakfast.

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Cortez Waterfall and Lunch

 "Llanos de Cortez" waterfall. This beautiful, hidden gem is located down a short, steep trail, whose cascading waters you'll be able to hear from the parking lot. The falls drop into a tranquil pond with a white sandy beach that’s perfect for swimming and sunbathing. Go "backstage" and relax on the rocks behind the waterfall curtain. During this tour we will stop at a local restaurnt that they call sodas to try the typical Costa Rican dish called casado.

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Diamante Adventure Park

Discovery Pass:   Diamantes Animal Sanctuary is Guanacaste's largest, built in partnership with La Paz Waterfall Gardens. Diamante is home to the widest variety of species in one location. The habitats are designed to provide a natural setting for the animals while allowing guests to interact and enjoy up close and safe viewing. At the Sanctuary are sloths, monkeys, jaguars, toucans, and more. The sanctuary is home to a world-class wildcat habitat, butterfly observatory and both the Two- and Three-toed sloths.   Aerial Pass:   The Diamantes zip-line course is Costa Rica's best and only ocean view dual zip-line.The dual lines allow you to share this experience with your family and friends, riding and sharing side-by-side. The course is considered best in class and known for its soaring lines that deliver guests extremely long ride times. This ACCT certified course includes a Superman line, a free fall "Quick Jump" and Tarzan swing, all with amazing views. The team of trained guides and state-of-the-art equipment enhances the entire experience. Superman 1,360 meters- nearly 1 mile long - and ocean view. Quick Jump - Free fall down a 30-foot tower similar to a bungee jump Hanging Bridge: Zip-Line directly into a hanging bridge over crocodiles    Adventure Pass:   Have it all! Diamantes Adventure Pass allows you the opportunity to experience a full day of adventure and activities rated as #1 on Trip Advisor. Includes: Everything in the Discovery and Aerial Pass, Botanical Gardens, Hammock Beach, Lunch.   Additional Activities: ATV and Horseback Riding: 1 Hour tours 

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Horseback Riding Tour

Guanacaste, Costa Rica is cowboy country. Everywhere you go, you'll see livestock. Take this tour to view this world from a different perspective. Stop to look at monkeys or have a sip of Tamarindo Tea. Ride the beaches and hidden trails of the gorgeous Guanacaste, Costa Rica Pacific coastline. Pause along the way to swim and snorkel. Or ask your guide to help you find a secret waterfall off the beaten path. After all that fun, enjoy an unfailingly beautiful sunset. Did you know that horseback riding is suitable for all ages? Our horses are matched up to our riders' ages and experience levels and our guides are trained to ensure you have a wonderful experience while focusing on your safety at all times.  This is one of our most popular tours: but don't just take our word for it, try it for yourselves.

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Northern Beaches ATV Tour

Secluded beutiful sandy beaches, some only accesible by ATV abound in the local area. Spend two exploration filled hours enjoying beautiful beaches of the North Coast, leaving from all areas around Playa Flamingo and Playa Del Coco Costa Rica. Follow the Pacific Coast up from Flamingo, stopping to see some beautiful vistas, beach fronts and natural beauty. Visit Potrero Beach, Penca Beach, Prieta Beach, Sugar Beach, Danta Beach, and/or Dantita Beach. Bring your bathing suit so you can stop along the way and swim in the ocean.

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Southern Beaches ATV Tour

Playa Conchal, considered by some to be the most beautiful beach in Costa Rica, is the backdrop for this perfect adventure. Another one of our most popular ATV tours. Costa Rica is famous for its beautiful white sand beaches. You will spend two hours exploring these beaches along the southern coastline. You will ride on the beach and can even stop for a swim if you would like. We will also spend time winding our way on ATVs through back trails and back roads. This is a great way to get out and explore for a couple hours in the beautiful sunshine. 

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Tamarindo Mangrove & Estuary Tour

From big crocodiles to a wide variety of birds, observe and learn about the flora and fauna that coexist in the Tamarindo mangrove and estuary. Also learn about the mysterious trees that grow in the mangrove. The estuary separates Playa Tamarindo from Playa Grande, and is full of abundant wildlife.

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Turtle Night Adventure Tour

Seeing turtles nesting or their eggs hatching in their natural environment is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that should not cannot miss. Follow licensed guides to specific, secluded beaches where these magnificent natural occurrences take place. You will be provided with a special light to see — and not disturb — the turtles. Of course, turtles are not always nesting. There are two seasons here in Guanacaste: the first is called Ostional and runs from September to December, when you will see the Green and Black Pacific turtles. The other season is Playa Minas, and is September to April,when you will see the Olive Ridley turtles. 

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