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Welcome to Tamarindo, one of Guanacaste, Costa Rica's most fun-filled destinations. Below, you'll find some of the activities available in the area and beyond. We specialize in providing activities and tours to all areas combined with convenient transportation to and from all major hotels and vacation accommodations. There are many different activities and day trips that you can do in Playa Tamarindo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Some are day trips that provided door to door transportation others might require a short drive to get to your destination. Contact us if you don't see what you are looking for or if you have any questions. We provide English speaking customer service phone and email support, on-line booking and reservation confirmations and communications to ensure your activity will provide you with memories for a lifetime. Day trips are a great way to get out and see the landscape. Check out some of our most popular full day trips below that included door to door service from your Hotel or Home in Tamarindo.

Playa Tamarindo is an amazing place with a lot of stuff to do. A great thing about Tamarindo is that it is close to a lot of fun places to go for tours. Here are a few that are the most popular!

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  • Ollie's Point Surfing Experience

    Four people can comfortably share one of our ocean-going "Pangas" (local fishing boat) to experience our Ollie’s Point Surf Trip. Ollie’s Point is famous for its long, perfe...
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  • Playa Grande Beginner Surf Lessons

    Imagine the thrill of surfing the beaches made famous by the "Endless Summer" movies. This activity is suitable for all ages and athletic types. Our instructors will not only teach you ...
    From USD 39
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  • Tamarindo Estuary Kayaking Tour

    Come join us a paddling adventure enjoying the spectacular views of the beautiful mangrove in Tamarindo. Start in the flat waters of the old marina heading out west bordering a forested coas...
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  • Tamarindo Mangrove & Estuary Tour by Boat

    From big crocodiles to a wide variety of birds, observe and learn about the flora and fauna that coexist in the Tamarindo mangrove and estuary. Also learn about the mysterious...
    From USD 99
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  • Tamarindo Nightclub Tour

    Tamarindo bursts alive at night. The night club scene on the strip allows you to amble from club to club. On this tour we will pick you up at your hotel and take you to Tamarindo in a private van...
    From USD 89
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  • Zip-Line Canopy ATV Tour

    Fly through the air from tree top to tree top then ATV down the ancient donkey trail to sea level to visit sun drenched beaches on Guanacaste's Pacific coast. Hands down one of the best Guana...
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Find activities

Africa Safari Adventure Park Day

Did you know that African wildlife feels right at home here in Guanacaste's pastureland? The eco-system mimics that of the plains of East Africa. Welcome to Ponderosa where you can hand feed the friendliest giraffes in the world and much much more. The park has some 300 animals from 22 different species; 11 of them are African species that you can observe and some of these you can feed with carrot sticks. They live comfortably in a freedom-controlled 30 hectare area. During this incredible ride on board our special safari tour trucks, one of our trained guides will provide you with information and facts about every species. The tour takes approximately one hour, and each truck can carry 25 people. You can purchase the carrot sticks inside the park. Once you have worked up an appetite from your Safari you may enjoy a traditional Costa Rican lunch right in the park.  You can also choose to add an afternoon at our waterfalls details Below.  Africa Safari Tour: In a space of 30 hectares more than 250 exotic animals live and interact with visitors. This safari allows you to see up close, feed and even take selfies, with giraffes, zebras, watusis, wildebeests, dromedaries, ostriches, oryx, and nilgai, among others. In the restaurant area, we offer carrots to facilitate the interaction with the animals.   Waterfalls: El Salto River, which crosses the park gives you the opportunity to enjoy the La Perla waterfall and swimming area. Enjoy taking your time and bring your bathing suits to enjoy family friendly fun by swimming area.

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Barra Honda Cavern Decent

This is the most important cave system discovered so far in the country. It is made up of reef like limestones. Ancient reefs that emerged due to over elevation that was cause by the tectonic faults. It developed 60 million years ago. The Barra Honda is a National Park with an amazing cave system. This cave represents thousands of years of geological history, which have resulted in an extensive system of independent caverns with formations of stalactites and stalagmites. It has a network of calcareous cavers, which have been explored 50% by scientists and speleologists. At present, only the Velvet cavern is open to the public because it safe for non-experienced visitors and is ideal for adventure tourism. You will hike through beautiful forests then when you get to the cave you will be put in safety equipment and begin the decent down a ladder into the cave. Then you will explore for about an hour, seeing formations that were made millions of years ago. People with conditions such as hypertension, vertigo or claustrophobia are not recommended to descend to the caverns.    

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Boat, Snorkel, Beach BBQ Day

This exciting beach day with a BBQ starts with a boat tour to a beautiful private beach called Honeymoon Beach. On the way to the beach try you hand at fishing. If you catch something good you might be able to grill it up for the BBQ. Once at the beach you will be able to explore the beach with the provided snorkel gear and paddle boards. While you are enjoying the beach your BBQ will be set up. Once ready you will enjoy a spread of chipotle chicken, pico de gallo, corn tortillas, and fruit. Dont forget the drinks. We will provide a cooler with water, soda, and beers. 

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Monteverde Cloud Forest Eco-Tour

Embark on an enchanted treetop walkway tour personally led by your guide. Walk along eight different bridges ranging in length from 150-510 ft. Enjoy more than 400 species of birds, such as the three-wattled bellbird, the bare-necked umbrella bird and the resplendent quetzal as you move through this majestic forest. After approximately 2 hours in the trees, descend to the forest floor and head to the Monteverde Butterfly Garden (or mariposario), that supports more than 20 butterfly species. You will also have the chance to see the Hummingbird Garden, a spectacular scene. You can also learn about the insects’ life cycle and adaptations in the Insect Exhibition.

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Playa Grande Beginner Surf Lessons

Imagine the thrill of surfing the beaches made famous by the "Endless Summer" movies. This activity is suitable for all ages and athletic types. Our instructors will not only teach you how to surf; they'll also guarantee you will be surfing by the end of their lesson or your tour is free!  Once you catch the bug, there will be no going back and you will be riding the waves in no time at all.

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Tamarindo Mangrove & Estuary Tour by Boat

From big crocodiles to a wide variety of birds, observe and learn about the flora and fauna that coexist in the Tamarindo mangrove and estuary. Also learn about the mysterious trees that grow in the mangrove. The estuary separates Playa Tamarindo from Playa Grande, and is full of abundant wildlife.

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Vandara Paradise Combo Tour

Vandara is located northeast of Liberia, surrounded by tropical dryforest. This is the perfect place for those seeking rest and relaxation. At the hot springs area you'll discover a variety of pools with differing temperatures where you can relax and rejuvenate your body after a long day of activities, such as horseback riding, canopy zip lining and watersliding. You will enjoy beautiful views and also admire a variety of birds and other wildlife, including monkeys and sloths. You will love this combo tour, for sure!

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Witches Rock Surf Journey

Welcome to some of the best surfing guided by some of the best surfers in Costa Rica. Witch’s Rock Surf Trip is a must for anyone who takes their surfing seriously. The massive volcanic rock that is Witch’s Rock stands guard over some of the best surf in Costa Rica. Legend says that the rock is haunted by a witch, and the imposing monolith does add a certain mysticism to the place – especially at sunrise and sunset. However, you are here for the hollow spitting barrels that are the cornerstone of a Witch’s Rock surf trip. This shallow sand bottom beach break can be shifty at times. However, the open exposure leads to plenty of consistency and the Witch will send you a wave that will make your heart pump and your pulse race. You just need the courage to pull in!   Bring sunscreen, your best board and lots of energy. As a bonus, if the conditions are correct, we will introduce you to some secret spots between Playa del Coco and Ollie’s Point that will blow you away.

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