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Ultimate Wildlife Adventure Safari

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From USD 149

See over 40 species of animals in one day. We will take you to visit different animal sanctuaries and parks in one fun-filled day. First you you will visit the Diamante Animal Sanctuary which is the largest in Guanacaste, built in partnership with La Paz Waterfall Gardens, and is home to the largest variety of species in a single location.
The habitats are designed to provide a natural setting for the animals while allowing visitors to interact safely and enjoy up close sloths, monkeys, jaguars, toucans, crocodiles, exotic birds, and more. The sanctuary is home to a world-class wildcat habitat, butterfly observatory and both the two and three-toed sloths.

Next, we will take you to the African Safari Adventure Park. The park contains some 300 animals from 22 different species, 11 of them are African species that you can observe and some you can feed with carrot sticks. They live comfortably in a freedom-controlled 30 hectare area. During this incredible ride on board our special safari tour trucks, one of our trained guides will provide you with information and facts on every species.

The tour takes approximately one hour, and each truck can carry 25 people. You can purchase the carrot sticks inside the park.

From USD 149

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Our driver and certified guide will pick you up directly from your hotel or condo and you will be on your way to the Diamante Adventure park to visit the Sloth Sanctuary. Once finished at Diamante, you will make your way over to the African Adventure Safari where you will board a safari truck and have the opportunity to feed carrot sticks to the wildlife animals.Lunch is included at either Diamante or at Ponderosa Africa Adventure and your guide will take you back to where you are staying after you are finished.


  • Over 40 different species
  • Combination tour
  • Transportation included 
  • Guided Tour
  • Lunch Included
  • Best animal adventure in Costa Rica


  1. Playan Flamingo
  2. Diamante Eco Adevnture Park
  3. Ponderosa Adventure Park