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ATV Zip-Line Canopy Tour

Buckle up for an amazing adventure! Imagine gliding through the treetops on an insanely fun zip-line ride. And guess what? After that thrill, you'll hop on an ATV and cruise down an old donkey path to the stunning Guanacaste's Pacific coast. This tour is all about you – you get to shape your 4-hour experience just the way you like it.   First things first, there's the Original Zip-Line option with 11 super cool zip-lines and three hanging bridges that give you mind-blowing views. But hold onto your hats, because if you're a real daredevil, the Extreme Zip-line tour is calling your name. Get ready to fly down extra-long lines over 450 meters – and not just once, but three times! And guess what? You can even rappel down from a jaw-dropping height of 22 meters, like a true action star. And the grand finale? The Congo Trail Extreme Tarzan Swing – imagine taking a plunge from a platform a whopping 20 meters above the ground for an epic freefall.   Hold on tight, adventure seekers! You don't need a special license to ride the ATV, and guess what? Even 16-year-olds can get behind the wheel. And here's the kicker – kids as young as 3 can ride along with a grown-up for all the excitement.   Once you've locked in your favorite zip-line course, the next 2 hours are totally up to you. Are you all about kicking back on Costa Rica's stunning beaches? Or does the rugged charm of the mountains call your name? If beach vibes are your thing, go for the beach lover option – you'll even get access to private beaches that the ATV can reach. But if you're all about the mountains, get ready to explore Guanacaste's untamed landscapes.   Don't sweat it – safety and fun are top priorities for everyone, no matter how old you are. Your incredible adventure is right around the corner, all set to create memories exactly the way you want them!
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Reef Snorkeling and Beach ATV Tour

Did you imagine yourself in Guanacaste, relaxing on the stunning shores of The Gold Coast? Have you ever thought about diving into the clear waters of the Pacific, swimming alongside colorful marine life, and exploring vibrant underwater worlds while snorkeling? Well, get excited because our ATV adventure is here to make those dreams real! We're taking you to some of Costa Rica's most beautiful hidden beaches – it's like a dream come true.   Our team of experienced guides is here to take care of everything – your safety is super important to us. If you're new to ATVs, don't worry at all! We'll give you all the info you need to feel confident and ready to roll.   Get ready for an amazing ride through the jungles of Guanacaste. You'll have the chance to spot tropical birds, fascinating reptiles, and even playful monkeys along the way. And guess what? A stunning beach will be waiting for you, perfect for grabbing a snorkel and discovering the underwater wonders.   Guanacaste is home to a variety of marine ecosystems, each with its own incredible species. Glide alongside Olive Ridley sea turtles, hang out with majestic manta rays, and admire the beauty of pufferfish and parrotfish – it's like exploring another world.   Oh, and one more thing: You need to be 16 or older to join in on the ATV fun. Safety is key for everyone, and we want to make sure everyone has a blast. Let's make your time in Costa Rica unforgettable!