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LGBT Activities

The option to get married on the beach in Costa Rica is just a click away.

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Welcome to our LGBT or GLBT Page, Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

Welcome to our GLBT Page.

The most satisfying adventures are where the staff is professional and seeks to satisfy the needs of customers. Like our team does. In our LGBT page, you can find many activities that may interest you. Same sex marriage will be legal in Costa Rica soon and along with that some of the greatest scenery and backdrops to romantic civil unions, partnerships and legal marriages in Costa Rica. Allow Tour Guanacaste to plan your ideal getaways.

Bijagua Sloth Search and Discovery

Experience one of Guanacaste’s greatest natural wonders: sloths in their native habitat. Plus a refreshing stop at the beautiful Cortez waterfalls along the way. Located just off the Pan American Highway, you will stop at the falls, where you can dip in the natural pool, sunbathe and relish the forest beauty and refreshing running spring water, abundant even in Costa Rica's dry season. Then comes the core adventure. Driving from the driest Guanacaste lowlands at the base of majestic active volcanoes, snaking between the giant Miravalles and Tenorio volcanos, you will cross the continental divide and enter into Bijagua. Bijagua means “two waters,” and is named after the influence of the climate and the rain on the area. This is a nature hikers' paradise, replete with the biodiversity for which Costa Rica is famous. And, of course, sloths abound. They're everywhere, hanging from the trees and branches, always "smiling." Usually, mothers will be carrying their babies. Bijagua also provides the perfect climate and rainforest environment for you to come upon exotic reptiles and frogs, like the Red Eyed Frog, Green-and-Black Poison Arrow Frog, Blue Jeans Frog and many other examples of tropical wildlife, as well. For sloth and wildlife lovers in general, put this on your “Must-Do” list while visiting Costa Rica. After all that hiking and spotting sloths and local fauna in your rainforest exploration, why not take a break and enjoy a complimentary traditional Costa Rica buffet lunch prepared by our local chefs and cooks.

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Buena Vista Mega Combo Day Pass

Our Mega Combo is an action pack day of adventure. Do you want to enjoy the most fun activities in front of the volcano? The full day experience provides you Canopy Tour-Zipline,1,4000 ft waterslide, Costa Rica Cultural demonstrations, Costa Rican Lunch, horseback riding and finally but not least, sauna/steam room, mudbath, and hot springs in the jungle. Apart from being an adventure park, it is also a mountain lodge and also a preserve nature area. There are thousands of acres of forest, a vast ocean of trees. This place is located in front of the Rincon de la Vieja Volcano. 

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Catamaran Snorkel & Sunset Cruise

The most popular tour in the region. Spend the afternoon sailing on one of Guanacaste's famous catamarans. After sailing up the north coast, the captain will stop at one of many special anchorages where you can enjoy water sports such as a snorkeling, sea kayaking or simply playing in the ocean. A guided snorkeling tour is also available, during which you can view a myriad of marine life. While you work up an appetite the crew will prepare a ligth-lunch and refreshments. Then, get ready for the light show of a lifetime as the catamaran returns to Flamingo and offers you the best seats in the house to watch as the sun disappears under the horizon. This is an all-inclusive trip, so just bring a towel, bathing suit and sunscreen.

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Diamante Adventure Day Pass

This adventure filled day at Diamante begins with an adrenaline pumping ride on the zip-line course. The Diamante zip-line course is Costa Rica's best and only ocean view dual zip-line. The dual lines allow you to share this experience with your family and friends, riding and sharing side-by-side. The course is considered best in class and known for its soaring lines that deliver guests extremely long ride times. This ACCT certified course includes a Superman line, a free fall "Quick Jump" and Tarzan swing, all with amazing views. The team of trained guides and state-of-the-art equipment enhances the entire experience. After your heart thumping experience on the zip-line, head over to the Animal Sanctuary. Diamante's Animal Sanctuary is Guanacaste's largest, built in partnership with La Paz Waterfall Gardens. Diamante is home to the widest variety of species in one location. The habitats are designed to provide a natural setting for the animals while allowing guests to interact and enjoy up close and safe viewing. At the Sanctuary are sloths, monkeys, jaguars, toucans, and more. The sanctuary is home to a world-class wildcat habitat, butterfly observatory and both the Two and Three-toed sloths. You will also be able to enjoy some hammock time on the beach or participate in some water activities,  a delicious and traditional Costa Rican lunch is also included.

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Eat at Tamarindo Beach

As a lively beach town on Costa Rica‘s Pacific North coast, Tamarindo pretty much has it all multiple surf breaks, great accommodation, boutique shopping, yoga studios, Spanish schools, not to mention over 100 restaurants and bars. As you have lunch or dinner away, your driver will ensure you make it to the best restaurants and back home happy. Transportation and entry fees included, food and beverage not included.

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Marriage at Cala Luna Boutique Hotel

Marriage between same-sex couples will take effect in Costa Rica no later than May 2020, after the full sentence of the Constitutional Chamber that supports these unions is published, for which they can book one of the most recognized Boutique Hotels to get. married. Weddings and honeymoons in Cala Luna provide more ways to spend time together, with an exquisite dining experience, enjoy on the beach or in our restaurant, unlimited adventures and guided tours, and the most romantic suites in Costa Rica. No other resort in Costa Rica has perfected an experience for couples to celebrate their love.

Monteverde "Secret" Hot Spring Trip

Enjoy an all-day trip to Monteverde where you can spend the day exploring the magnificent Cloud forest in 3 hours hiking with a professional local expert tour guide and then relaxing in the famous hot springs that are naturally coming by a vein from the Arenal volcano. In this, the water is telluric, which means it’s young water, rainwater that has filtered through the earth and circulated through different depths gathering minerals and gaining temperature as it makes contact with the hot minerals underneath the earth's crust. 

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Nicaragua Volcano & Culture Day Tour

We visit the crater of Masaya Volcano were depending on weather conditions you are able to see lava. Tour Guanacaste gives you the opportunity to visit a second country while you vacation in Costa Rica. When we visit Nicaragua. we should expect to discover colonial cities, lakes, and volcanoes. The beautiful Maderas and Conception volcanoes are truly a sight to behold as you take a journey back in time visiting Central America's colonial past. Granada is Central America's oldest European-founded city. More than 20 colonial-era churches a sited throughout the city, notable for centuries-old colonial buildings. Come with us to discover Nicaragua, when you come to Guanacaste, you might want to apart a day to visit our neighbor country; a truly unique experience.   

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Private Catamaran Charter

Sail with your party in privacy and at leisure on one of Flamingo's famous catamarans. After sailing up the north coast the captain will anchor at one of many snorkeling spots where you can enjoy water sports such as a snorkeling tour, sea kayaking or playing in the ocean. While you work up an appetite the crew will prepare your lunch and refreshments. Then get ready for the light show of a lifetime as the catamaran returns to Flamingo and you have the best seats in the house to watch the sunset as the sun disappears below the horizon, This is an all-inclusive trip just bring a towel, bathing suit and sunscreen. This is a great opportunity for you and family, friends or guests to have a great time and discover amazing new places. On this beautiful catamaran tour, you will enjoy wonderful views and bask in the sun. Our experienced crew will be exceptionally attentive to you and your party, preparing very delicious snacks and pouring many delicious drinks.

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Rincón de la Vieja National Park Hike

Enjoy a nature lover’s paradise, where you will view fascinating volcanic attractions like fumaroles, bubbling mud pots and boiling hot springs at the foothills of the active Rincón De La Vieja Volcano. Experience this wonderful scenery with tropical flowers, stunning trees and crystal clear streams while you hike for 2 hours through exciting trails, viewing some of the most stunning geology in Costa Rica. You should also spot many animals, potentially such as sloths, coatis, spider-monkeys, white-faced capuchin monkeys, peccaries, deer and some 260 bird species, including toucans, curassows, bellbirds, parrots, hummingbirds, owls, woodpeckers, tanagers, motmots, eagles and many others. Lunch included.

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Rio Perdido Exploration Day Pass

Experience mother nature at her finest. Rio Perdido is located at the base of Miravalles Volcano, the first volcano in Costa Rica used to build a geothermal plant and produce electricity. Rio Perdido is an eco-tourists dream. The adventure starts driving through the dry Guanacaste lowlands, and then off road exploring the various landscapes of the Rio Perdido Canyon and mountains. Once you arrive at our ranch enjoy quietly zip-lining on the high-tech carbon fiber zip-lines that will take you silently over the canyons and ravines below. There is also an excellent bike park, with 20 km of trails especially for mountain bike use at all the levels. You can also enjoy hot springs and water fun topped off with a buffet lunch with a view that you will never forget.

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Sensoria Land of Senses

Sensoria lands are located on the Caribbean slope of the Rincon de la Vieja volcano, and this special positioning is the reason of its Magical Rainforest,  You will hike through the jungles and enjoy beautiful waterfalls, bathe in natural springs. Enjoy several hiking trails through the rain forest to discover hidden waterfalls & witness amazing views of Rincon de la Vieja Volcano and Lake Nicaragua if the weather conditions are just right. A traditional Costa Rican lunch is included. Sensoria is a beautiful little paradise in the middle of nowhere where you can discover natural blue water rivers in an amazing virgin rainforest, full of exotic wildlife of Costa Rica: SLOTHS, snakes, frogs, tropical birds and mammals such as monkeys, raccoons, and on a lucky day a tapir or felines like Jaguars and Pumas.

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Tamarindo Nightclub Tour

Tamarindo bursts alive at night. The night club scene on the strip allows you to amble from club to club. On this tour, we will pick you up at your hotel and take you to Tamarindo in a private van with a personal guide. As you dance the night away your driver will ensure you make it to the best clubs and back home safe and sound at the end of the night. Transportation and entry fees included, food and beverage not included.

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Tenorio River White Water Rafting

Experience the thrill of white water rafting on the Tenorio River in Guanacaste. The rapids are class 1,2,3 and class 4 and provide you with a thrilling ride that will put even the biggest roller coasters to shame. Raft sizes vary and are adapted to group sizes. Safety is Priority #1 and all necessary equipment is provided. Even if you have never experienced white water before, you will remember your day of exhilarating fun as one of your best activities during your visit to Costa Rica. After your thrill, enjoy a complimentary traditional lunch before heading back to your hotel or villa.

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Ultimate Wildlife Adventure Safari

See over 40 species of animals in one day. We will take you to visit different animal sanctuaries and parks in one fun-filled day. First you you will visit the Diamante Animal Sanctuary which is the largest in Guanacaste, built in partnership with La Paz Waterfall Gardens, and is home to the largest variety of species in a single location.The habitats are designed to provide a natural setting for the animals while allowing visitors to interact safely and enjoy up close sloths, monkeys, jaguars, toucans, crocodiles, exotic birds, and more. The sanctuary is home to a world-class wildcat habitat, butterfly observatory and both the two and three-toed sloths. Next, we will take you to the African Safari Adventure Park. The park contains some 300 animals from 22 different species, 11 of them are African species that you can observe and some you can feed with carrot sticks. They live comfortably in a freedom-controlled 30 hectare area. During this incredible ride on board our special safari tour trucks, one of our trained guides will provide you with information and facts on every species. The tour takes approximately one hour, and each truck can carry 25 people. You can purchase the carrot sticks inside the park.

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