Diamante Zip-Line and ATV Combo

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At Diamante your experience is unique, as you never have to leave the property. ATV Tours in Costa Rica are a great opportunity to explore the land, mountains and dry rain forest. Feel the wind in your face and your thumb on the throttle as you rev up your adrenaline and adventure.  Ride through the hills where you will see beautiful landscapes and breathtaking ocean views.

From USD 139

+3 Additional options

Book Now! Inquire Booking

The Colectivo (carpool service) has the following schedules and pickup locations for $20 or $30 per person:


- Full Day/Adventure Pass/NO MIN PAX/ ($20 per person):

                8:30 am, Secrets

                8:35 am, Mangroove

                8:40 am, Occidental Grand Papagayo

                8:50 am, Villa Sol / Condovac

                9:05 am, Coco Beach Hotel

                9:10 am, Pacifico Village Shops / Hard Rock Café Round About

                Return: 3:30 pm (leave first in Coco)*


- Half Day AM/ Discovery Pass, Aerial Pass, ATV’s/Horses/NO MIN PAX ($20 per person):

                 8:30 am, Secrets

                 8:35 am, Mangroove

                 8:40 am, Occidental Grand Papagayo

                 8:50 am, Villas Sol / Condovac

                 9:00 am, Meeting Point-Hermosa Heights

                 9:05 am, Coco Beach Hotel

                 9:10 am, Pacifico Village Shops/Hard Rock Café Round About

                 Return: 12pm*


- Half Day PM/ Discovery Pass, Aerial Pass, ATV’s/Horses/ NO MIN PAX ($20 per person):

                 13:00 pm, Secrets

                 13:05 pm, Mangroove

                 13:10 pm, Occidental Grand Papagayo

                 13:20 pm, Villas Sol / Condovac

                 13:25 pm, Meeting Point-Hermosa Heights

                 13:30 pm, Coco Beach Hotel

                 13:40 pm, Pacifico Village Shops/Hard Rock Café Round About

                 Return: 5:00pm*


- Westin Area /NO MIN PAX/every day ($30 per person):

                 8:00 am, Sailing Center

                 8:15 am, Flamingo Beach Resort & Spa

                 8:30 am, Westin (Conchal)

                 8:45 am, Huacas-Conexion

                 **Return: 3:30 pm.**


- Tamarindo Area /NO MIN PAX/every day ($30 per person):

                8:00 am, Occidental Langosta (Capitan Suizo - Esplendor - Jardin del Eden).

                8:10 am, ABC – Meeting Point.

                8:15 am, Hotel Tamarindo DIria.

                8:40 am, Hotel 6 Playas (aka Best Western Tamarindo).

                8:45 am, Huacas-Conexion

                **Return: 3:30 pm**


- Four Seasons & Andaz/Minimun 3 pax ($30 per person):

               Full Day/ Adventure Pass

               Pick up :8:30am

               Return:  3:00pm*


- Half Day AM/Discovery Pass/Aerial Pass/ATV’s/Horseback Riding(no minimun pax)

              Pick up: 8:30am

              Return: 12:00pm*

              Half Day PM/Discovery Pass/Aerial Pass/ATV’s/Horseback Riding(no minimun pax)

              Pick up: 12:45pm

              Return: 4:30pm*


- JW Marriot/minimun 3 pax($45 per person):

              Full Day Adventure Pass

              Pick up: 8:15am

              Return: 3:00pm*


- Catalinas & Casa Chamaleon/mininum 3 pax ($20 per person):

              Full Day/Adventure Pass

              9:00am Catalinas

              9:05am Casa Chamaleon



- Half Day AM/Discovery Pass/Aerial Pass/ ATV’s/Horseback Riding (minimum 3 pax)

              9:00am Catalinas

              9:05am Casa Chamaleon

              Return: 12:00pm*


- Half Day PM/Discovery Pass/Aerial Pass/ ATV’s/Horseback Riding(minimum 3 pax)

              1:00pm Catalinas

              1:05pm Casa Chamaleon

              Return: 4:00pm*


- Dreams Las Mareas/Min 6pax ($30 per person):

              Pick up: 7:00am



If the customer decides to leave before or after, transportation is subject to availability and there is no complaint for refund.


We will either pick you up* or you can meet us at the office. The tour will start from our location and you explore for three hours and end the tour at the office. Once back at the office, if you used our transport, we will take you back to where you are staying.

*In order to bring you the lowest possible price we do not include transportation in the cost. We do provide transportation for an additional fee. Please contact us to get the quickest most affordable price for the location you are staying in.


  • 2 hour ATV Tour
  • 2 Hour Zip-Line Activity
  • 4 Zip-Lines
  • 30ft Tower Jump
  • Mountain ATV Tour
  • Guided Tour
  • Licensed and Insured
  • Safety equipment provided 


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  2. Diamante Eco Adventure Park