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Bijagua Sloth Search and Discovery

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Experience one of Guanacaste’s greatest natural wonders: sloths in their native habitat. Plus a refreshing stop at the beautiful Cortez waterfalls along the way. Located just off the Pan American Highway, you will stop at the falls, where you can dip in the natural pool, sunbathe and relish the forest beauty and refreshing running spring water, abundant even in Costa Rica's dry season.
Then comes the core adventure. Driving from the driest Guanacaste lowlands at the base of majestic active volcanoes, snaking between the giant Miravalles and Tenorio volcanos, you will cross the continental divide and enter into Bijagua. Bijagua means “two waters,” and is named after the influence of the climate and the rain on the area. This is a nature hikers' paradise, replete with the biodiversity for which Costa Rica is famous.
And, of course, sloths abound. They're everywhere,
 hanging from the trees and branches, always "smiling." Usually, mothers will be carrying their babies. Bijagua also provides the perfect climate and rainforest environment for you to come upon exotic reptiles and frogs, like the "Red Eyed Frog," “Green-and-Black Poison Arrow Frog,” ”Blue Jeans Frog” and many other examples of tropical wildlife, as well. For sloth and wildlife lovers in general, put this on your “Must-Do” list while visiting Costa Rica.
After all that hiking and spotting sloths and local fauna in your rainforest exploration, why not take a break and enjoy a complimentary traditional Costa Rica buffet lunch prepared by our local chefs and cooks.   

From USD 129

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  • English bilingual guide
  • Private transportation round trip
  • Volcanoes view
  • Walking rainforest
  • Sloths
  • Frogs
  • Flora and fauna


  1. Bijagua
  2. Cataratas Llanos del Cortez