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Birdwatching Excursion

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Join us for a wonderful ornithological adventure, exploring the high and lowlands of Guanacaste  province or other birding hotspots in Costa Rica's biodiverse forests and jungles. There are dry forests, cloud forest, arid mountain peaks, humid lowlands, mangroves and coral reefs that attract totally different species but that also are easily accessible by visitors. Our certified naturalist guides can take you to great areas to add to your bird count. 

Central America, in general, and Costa Rica, in particular, are in a privileged geographical position, making the region a planetary birding paradise. The equatorial country is inserted between tropical areas, making it an important host for a wide variety of fauna and flora species: birds are one of the biggest animal groups in Costa Rica - both resident and migratory from many parts of the world.

The country's different tropical forest types, its climate and weather patterns create multiple ecosystems that are excellent habitats for many species on any birdwatcher's life list. Costa Rica has 12 of the planet’s 18 different life zones,  and a wide range of micro-climates. One respected catalogue recently posted a count of 930 species observed in Costa Rica, one of the highest such count for any country. Many birding groups have identified over 100 species in a single day's outing in various Costa Rican locations; 150-species days have been reported. Some highlights are Quetzals, Macaws, Toucans, Tanagers, Eagles, aquatic birds, hummingbirds and Manakins.

The position of Costa Rica as a bridge between North and South America and its national policies for nature conservation offer visitors the opportunity to spot an extensive variety of birds and wildlife. An extra plus is the fact that Costa Rica is an important waystation for migratory birds: for example, during its dry season, many thousands of waterbirds come from North and South America, and all over the world, because for that period of time Costa Rica has a warm climate, perfect for a three-month stay. And then it's up and away to points around the globe.

Costa Rica and its conservationist policies thus are very important for the planet's overall natural health, transforming it into a unique experience for nature lovers in general and a must-go destination for birders. Contact our online guides for more information about birding possibilities in Guanacaste province or around Costa Rica.
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We will be traveling to different ecosystems in the Guanacaste lowlands, where you will visit unique habitats to observe the huge variety of bird species Costa Rica has to offer. Our guides will take you to locations where it's possible to see the exotic birds of Costa Rica as well a those migrating from many other parts of the world, moving around the Liberia area to enter local hotspots. 


  • English-speaking bilingual guide
  • Private transportation, round trip
  • Volcano viewing
  • Bird watching and spotting
  • Flora and Fauna identifier
  • Costa Rican lunch
  • Wildlife
  • Natural ecosystems 


  1. Liberia
  2. Finca La Glorita
  3. University of Costa Rica