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Turrialba Volcano and Rain Forest Tour

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Braulio Carrillo National Park is one of the great natural treasures of Costa Rica, both for its biological wealth and for its imposing landscapes. Its high jungle-covered mountains form a natural barrier that separates the Central Valley from the Caribbean region, and through them runs the highway that will bring you to the Costa Rican Caribbean, along a route that will leave you perplexed by the exuberance of its nature. Located in the Central Volcanic Cordillera, between the massifs of the Poás and Irazú volcanoes, in one of the most rugged regions of the country, this park is considered one of the most biodiverse natural spaces on the planet. The fact of having two slopes, its different heights, which range between 36 and almost 3000 meters high, and its climatic variations, between 2 and 24 degrees Celsius, make the place very rich in ecosystems and therefore in diversity. of species. On the other hand, its location gives it vital importance for the protection of aquifers, since many of the springs that irrigate much of the country are located inside it.

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The second option is to enter through the Barva volcano sector, in the high areas of the park, which is accessed from the city of Heredia, passing through San José de la Montaña to Sacramento, towns that enjoy excellent views. From Sacramento to the park entrance there are 3.5 kilometers of ballast only passable in the dry season, this distance can be done by walking and leaving the car in the town. The park has 4 trails that go deep into the Tropical Cloud Forest, in an area of ​​volcanoes and lagoons, where the forest is like in fairy tales, with clouds that slip through the mossy trees, and where the oaks , cedars and cypresses are loaded with bromeliads and orchids. Of the volcanic cones looming in the area, the most interesting is the Barva volcano, which has several craters covered by lagoons with crystalline waters, where nature breathes through the clouds. The park hours, as in Quebrada González, is 8 am. at 3.30 pm. We will pick you up from where you are staying and take you in an air conditioned van to relax upon request.

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