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Children's ATV Adventure Tour

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If you're looking for fun and family friendly adventure, you're in the right place! We've got you covered to just come and enjoy a day at the Congo Canopy. Take a day off from worrying about what your kids are getting up to in the hotel or on the beach and spend a few hours being kids yourselves! Our guides will be here to help give a detailed instruction course on how to properly manage your ATV's and ensure safety for the tour.
No driver's license necessary! Do you have children that really want to drive their own ATV's on the backroads of our private farmland in the mountains of Guanacaste? Instead of riding tandem, you can have the option of children driving their own machines right alongside grown-ups for that truly grown-up experience. Taking our closed course at our mountain location ensures the safety of your little ones and guides are on hand every minute of our 45 minutes in length course. Designed with safety in mind enjoy the fun with the entire family at the Congo Trail. Even if you want to hang back and let the kids run the course themselves, you'll still be able to enjoy the mountains around you and relax a bit while the kids play.  
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  • Guided tour
  • 45 minutes in length
  • ATV safety equipment provided
  • Licensed and insured
  • Private closed course


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